Bone Grafts

What is Alobone?

The use of Biomaterials in Dentistry requires professional and clinical care to ensure the complete satisfaction of its patients. For this reason, Osseocon not only employs strict control over the quality of its products, but also offers its customers security and predictability. Research has shown excellent clinical and histological results, both in vitro and in vivo (see published articles).

Osseocon products include synthetic hydroxyapatite, the main component found in the mineral phase of tooth and bone enamel, made of porous granules and dense in various sizes, being an osseoconductive biomaterial for bone cells. After researching and studying the physico-chemical characteristics of various biomaterials for bone grafts available in Brazil and abroad, Osseocon designed and developed ALOBONE. Use our products and choose quality and predictability for patients. Select the graft material according a physico-chemical characteristics and ensure the best results for patients.



ALOBONE is biocompatible and osseoconductive . The control of the chemical composition, crystallinity, presence of pores and particle size of the granules produced is directly related with in vivo function.
Advantages are:

1. Predictability
Physico-chemical characteristics. Gradually resorbs and becomes substituted by new vital bone.

2. Synthetic Biomaterial
Exclusive composition with synthetic hydroxyapatite.

3. Porous and Dense Granules
Granulometry for different clinical applications.

4. Scientific Evidence
Clinical and histological results compatible with the world scientific literature.

5. 100% national product
Product developed by a Brazilian researcher.

Presentation and indications

Alobone Dense

It exhibits high crystallinity with dense granules indicated in tissue volume maintenance procedures (Postextraction maintenance of the alveolar ridge or tissue contour defects due to bone loss), immediate implant gaps (thick gingival phenotype). Online Order

Alobone Poros

It has low crystallinity, with porous granules, applied to replace and regenerate bone matrix lost by various reasons such as: Sinus lift, Horizontal augmentation, Vertical augmentation, Reconstruction of the ridge for prosthetic therapy, Complex three-dimensional augmentations, Socket preservation , Peri-implant defects, Osseous defects, apicoectomy and cystectomy, Furcation defects, Intraosseous defects , immediate implant gaps or guided bone regeneration. Online Order

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